None of the Politics, All of the Pride

In today’s society, the strongest resource we have as the Jewish nation is our pride - in who we are, and what we stand for. With extremism on the rise, many are searching for how to define themselves in a world where hating Jews has become commonplace and increasingly mainstream. 

 It is our imperative to provide today’s global Jewish community with the necessary tools to make meaningful connections between ourselves, the world, and the diverse legacy and meaning of Israel. 

It is our responsibility to shape the identity, self-confidence and pride of Jewish youth as proud members of a people with a rich history, a deep heritage, and an ancestral homeland to which we are eternally connected

Making this possible is the vision and goal of The Israel Forever Foundation, empowering young and old alike to take ownership of the history, values and connection of our ancestral heritage. With your help we can capitalize on the campaigns crafted by our VCI Global Ambassadors this summer in Jerusalem to reach new audiences  looking to KEEP ISRAEL FOREVER as a dynamic element of a proud Jewish life and identity. 

WHY Israel Forever? 

The Israel Forever Foundation is a small not for profit Israel Engagement organization that develops and promotes experiential learning opportunities to celebrate and strengthen the personal connection to Israel. Founded and run by the Heideman family, the genius of Israel Forever is its success in serving as a non-denominational, apolitical avenue for personal activism beneficial to individuals, families and communities alike. 

The biggest challenge: raising funds. 

A community of cherished donors have enabled the growth of the organization and its product development. But distribution, marketing and community development require funds that surpass the budgetary limitations of a small fish trying to make it in the big world.

 With your help we can capitalize on the campaigns crafted by our VCI Global Ambassadors this summer in Jerusalem to reach new audiences. Your dollars can make a real and tangible difference in what Israel Forever can to do change the lives, shift perspectives and open hearts all over the world with pride inspired by the ancient and modern connection to Israel and our nationhood. 

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